Sunday April 9, 2017
9 AM - 5 PM

At the Sportfishing Landings
in Point Loma

Catalina Offshore
Sponsored By
Catalina Offshore Products
and Specialty Produce
Specialty Produce
What does an angler do when the season produces an abundance of fish? Well, it is a “problem” most love to have. Put it in the freezer? And when the freezer is full, what then? The Sportfishing Council wants all anglers to get the most from what they catch and knowing a few simple techniques can result in the difference between “too old” fish sitting in the freezer and the enjoyment of it at its prime.

Throughout the day our CATCH, PREP & COOK DEMOS will provide ideas and techniques to improve the enjoyment of your catch. There will be presentations on proper handling, storage and preparation of fresh fish to ensure that every fish caught and kept is fully enjoyed. Recipes and samples will be available at the seminars.
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